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Patient Parking - Missing You Chords

Hello, all. My name is Brenna Durnin. At this time I am 13 years of age, and I belong to
a band called Patient Parking. We are out to break America right now, so I'm tabbing this
song before any album even THINKS OF COMING OUT. Here you go. BTW, I wrote this song, and
all rights are reserved. Thank you. (Patient Parking is a small band exploring Canada and
the Pacific Northwest America right now. No album yet.)

-Missing You-
-Brenna Durnin- 
-Lead Sing er/ Lead Guitarist of New Band Patient Parking-

Intro: G D C x2

Verse 1:
G                     D                   C                  G        
All the things that I wanted to say, but I never said to you. Did you know 
      D                       C
that I prayed everyday, but my dreams didn't come true?
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           D                   C             G                   D
Now you're gone......and you're not...coming back. But I'm still 
                    C            G
here......but you're never coming back.

                C  Em                 G D                     C  Em         
Now you're gone away, but I'm here to stay. Yeah, you're gone away, and I'm
        G  D (let ring)
here to stay...missing you.

Interlude: G C D

Verse 2:
G                 C             D                                      
I can imagine you up in the sky, it must be sad to have to watch us cry. 
G             C                   D                                      
But we don't know what else to do, cuz we're still down here and we're 

missing you.

Pre-Chorus x1

Chorus x1

Bridge: (let all chords ring for Bridge)
Em      G           D        C       Em       G             D               
I don't understand...why you can't...stay at hand...we're missing you so 

Pre-Chorus x1

Chorus x2

Outro: G D C x2

Missing You.....

~For you, Granda Jim~