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Painted South - Sara Chords

Intro: (D, D, D, C, C, C, D)

Verse 1:
D      G         D
When i first met you 
  D                    C                        D
i thought you the most beautiful girl i'd every seen
D           C              D
there was a little problem though 
D              G                 D
you were goin' out with my best friend

D                 C            G               A
sara i'd give you any thing a house a plane a star
D                      C        G          A
a nolvolty pin or the ocean no matter how far
D         C
i have to go 
D           C          G
or how much i have to pay
D          C       G
aslong as you are happy 
D       G     Bm
i'll be happy to
D        C                G
Sara I'd do any thing for you

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Verse 2:
D        G                   D
when you finaly broke up with him
D         C         D   
i ask you that big quistion
D             C                     D
you said yes and we walked down the hall
D         G                              D
i was so excited that i almost could to skwall

Verse 3:
D              G               D
i remeber when you said i love you 
D          C          D
and i said i love you to 
D               C           D  
our love lasted to the 12th grade
D   G   D
and on through


Verse 4:
A             D                        C
now i see the light and its calling my name
    A              D              C
i'm sorry to leave you its such a shame
A          D               C  
but please rember dead or alive
A      D            C 
i love you just the same
A            D               C
i hope every night you still talk to me
A           D                 C
and i guess i'll see you eventuly

Chorus: X2