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Nadia Gifford - Impossible Chords

Impossible by Nadia Gifford
Key: G

D                 A/Db     F#m                  Bm
Where do I fit in the picture of your world?
A                                D
When you're soaring so high
And I am left alone
Em    A
Here on the ground
I can't
A/Db F#m      Bm
even see you anymore
A                D      
So high up there
Like a bird
Em                  A
I wish I could fly to you
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G                           D
But where are my wings?
G                         D                     G
You took them away from me      
F#m    Em
Never to
D                           C    Bm  A
Give them back to me
* You stole them from my back
           A/Db           Bm
  You ripped them off
          A,D                      G
  The scars will be right there
  And I'll never be able
         Em  A        D
  To fly right to you
            A/Db    Bm
  Only 'cause I can't
A, D          G
  And it is you
F#m    Em    A
  Who made it

Where do I find the courage to fly to you?
You're the only one
Who had the power to
Take them away
I feel so lost
My hope is coming to an end
The only thing I can
Do right now is wish
For you to come back to me

But where did you go
You left and you took my wings with you
Never to
Look back where I am

I demand a reason why
I really need something to justify
The scars will be right there
And i'll never be able
To fly right to you
Only cause I can't
And it is you
Who made it

* Repeat