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Nadia Gifford - I Cry Chords

I Cry-Nadia Gifford           Key:F

D9      Em            Am
I waited in the pouring rain
D9        Em                                   Am
Each raindrop representing my tears
G      C                         F
The tears that I could never let out
F/D       Em                   Am
I felt alone more than ever

D9              Em          Am
The rain suddenly, stopped when you came
D9      Em            Am
My loneliness, abandoned me at once
G    C                      F
Oh, but when you, spat those words at me
F/D                    Em                          Am
The rain just poured down on me again

F   G
I cry,
                 Em               Am
To try to cry my pain away
Alone, nobody around
                  Em                                       Am
I say you pay for all the things you've said
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D9          Em                  Am
Words penetrate into everybody's soul
D9     Em                Am                       
And yes, I was a victim of your words
G     C               F
You suddenly, said you loved me
F/D                 Em              Am
You were a fool to say such words

F     G
I try,
                     Em                          Am
To dry my eyes that don't have tears...
Whatever you say,
I can't rely
                  Em                         Am
I can only imagine you're just like those people
Who try to break me down
                    Em                         Am
Who try to scratch my dignity away
G                 C
I don't understand

    F               C
* So tell me why,
          G                         Am
  You think you're any different from them all
  F               C
  Can't you See?
              G                                      Am
  That I don't need any love from anyone
  F          C       G               Am        F       C
  I only trust myself, but the truth is,
             G       Am, F      Bb
  That I shy away from you
              Em           Am
  You're really all I want...

There's never a rising sun, in the pouring rain
To show you my weakness, I could never do
With tears running deep inside,
I walked away from you

* Repeat
That I shy away from you

* Repeat
You're really all I want