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Miscellaneous - Shnissugah Song Chords & Tabs

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Miscellaneous - Shnissugah Song Chords

	SHNISSUGAH SONG - The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy
Tabbed by:lefthanded1239

[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/m/misc_unsigned_bands/miscellaneous_shnissugah_song_crd.html ]
D    G    D             D               G             D
Harmonica.....In a time forgotten long ago
   D                            G                    A 
A world where people moved most slow
                     D                G               Bm
and there was no such thing as a tv show
that's where we'll go
               D                        G                      D
oh, in the ancient jungles of Canada, see
                     D                  G                  A
nerds roamed wild, roamed strong and free
          D                   G                     Bm  
and spent their days drinking herbal tea
then they were happy
              D                G                      D
because someone protected them with pride
      D                   G              A
he made the bullies run and hide
              D                     G                       Bm 
oh they'd wind up on his inside, oh what a ride
             A                                            D
and his name was the great snake Shnissugah
   D               G                 D
no one could mistake Shnissugah
     D                      G                        A
his house was near lake Ontario, Shnissugah
D           G           Bm
children sing Shnissugah
            G                       A 
one day soon he'll come back again
   G                      A     
into this world of nerd-hating men
       G                       A                    D
and time now will be like time then times ten

December 24, 2007