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Marc Claproth - Im Sorry Chords

ok look.. it sucks.. but oh well... this is my first song with lyrics... so be easy on me.


base on 'C mystro'

           "I'm Sorry"

    E           D#     C#        F#
|--11----------------------------7   -7-|
|--9-----------11------9---------8 OR-8-|
|--11----------11------9---------6   -6-|
|---------------------------------   -7-|

   B      G#       F# (POWER)   C#

-7 0
-8 8
-6 6
-7 7


i met you on a summer night
you brought me such a pleasant sight
i only wanted to tell you hi
but i was scared you'll say goodbye
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/m/misc_unsigned_bands/marc_claproth_im_sorry_crd.html ]
we started to talk in the next morning
i told you sorry if i was so boring
you said i wasn't that i was nice
and thats when i know not to roll the dice.

when i was with you i felt so free
like if you just handed me the masterkey
i never wanted to leave your sight
i just wanted to be with you every night.

you told me that you where moving to the beach
i told you that you'll never be out in my reach
you told me not to have a fuss
but you should of always had my trust

verse(play slow)
i miss looking into your eyes
it feels like i'll never hear those goodbyes

( B and G# x2)
i wonder when
when you will smile for me again.
cause what we made just had to go in the fade.

(F# power)
i'll never stop thinking out you. i dont know what i do without you.( strum fast)


intro (one strum or each chord)
I'm sorry for the things i've done
i'll pay the price for everyone
if only you know how much i've felt
then i'll never even been in that doubt