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Major Major - Espadrilles Chords

Great song from a great new band. Check out there website www.majormajor.co.uk

DM                   Bb
Meet people I don't know
People I want to get to know
DM                       Bb
They've all got foreign names
Espadrilles and silly games

DM                       Bb
Are they looking at my hair?
Or are they looking at my shoes?
DM                      Bb
That one's just been dumped
         A                    DM Bb A
You can tell by the way she moves
             DM                  Bb A
The way she drinks the night away

N.C           DM                  Bb A
But it's too soon to approach her 
      DM                              Bb A
To encroach upon her new found freedom
Just make excuses and leave
     Bb          A
She still hates men
     DM                           Bb A
And you, you just remind her of him
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N.C      DM              Bb A
One o'clock private party
     DM                                  Bb A
The doorman lets you in no questions asked
DM              Bb   A
They stand, their amazed
DM                       Bb A Asus4
Just how did he get past?

Not last night but the night before
24 robbers came knocking at my door
I got up and let them in
They hit me on the head with a rolling pin
Jack and Jill, and three blind mice
Went to a party with Snow White
They all danced until 12 o'clock
When Old Mother Hubbard turned the power off

DM Bb A G F E 
DM Bb A G F E 
DM E5 F5 Bb A
DM Bb A G F E 

DM    Bb           A       G F E
I've impressed my new companions
DM    Bb    A      G F E
They won't pick on me
DM    Bb   A          G F E
With my sleight of hand
DM           Bb     A      G F E
They're new fans I guarantee

DM E5 F5 Bb A
DM E5 F5 Bb A
DM E5 F5 Bb A
Bb A Bb A Bb A