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Love Affarir - Everlasting Love Chords

Everlasting Love:Love Affair.
#1 in UK in 1968.
Album - Love Affair..Super Hits.

INTRO:(Capo 2nd fret for original.)
G            Am            Cm              G
Hearts gone astray leaving hurt where they go.
        Am             Cm             G
I went away, just when you, needed me so.
              Am           Cm           G
Filled with regret, I came back beggin' you...
             Am           Cm           Em   Em A
won't you forget, welcome love we once knew?
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D            A                    G
Open up your eyes, then you'll realize,
                  Em      A       G
here I stand with my, everlasting love.
               A                   G
Need you by my side, girl to be my bride,
                  Em        A       D
you'll never be denied, everlasting love.
              A                   G
From the very start, open up your heart,
             Em          A       D
be a lasting part of everlasting love.

D                 A                    G
Where life really flows, no one really knows.
                        Em               A       D
Till someone's there to show, the way to lasting love.
                  A                    G
Like the sun that shines, endlessly it shines,
                   Em             A   D
you always will be mine, it's eternal love.
                     A                         G
When other loves are gone, ours would still be strong..
                    Em       A       D
we'll have our very own, everlasting love.


A sixties smash from Kraziekhat.