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Lewis Watson - Bones Chords

 fIRST TAB. :l same chords all the way through - G D C ( the occasional Em )
By listening to the video on youtube you should be able to work on the struming 
pattern.Before each note change i do one strum of the previous chord ie - G (G)D
          G       D                  C
Open your eyes no don't be scared at all.
                  G                  D                     C
We'll jump out of aeroplanes and the lakes will break our fall,
                G              D                   C     Em  G  
No don't make a sound because I'll be with you the whole way down.
(and I told you everything)
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/m/misc_unsigned_bands/lewis_watson_bones_crd.html ]
                  G         D           C
I know it's quite soon but you've got a lovely heart
                G                 D                   C
I hope that you feel it too and a flame follows these sparks
                   G            D                  C   Em  G
Just don't tell me lies because I've been let down too many times
(and I told you everything)

G                  D                       C
 So I'll spend all night looking into your eyes
                  G                D            C
because I want to remember them if I ever fall blind
G                     D                   C
 We could jump in the ocean and sink like stones
                      G           D                    C
but that's ok with me baby 'cause I'll be next to your bones

( etc. - G,D,C)

We can spend the rest of our lives, by the old reservoir.
Looking at satellites, waiting for a shooting star.
Although my wish has been made and I found you, I'll just wish you stay
(because I love your everything)