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Kyo Sakimoto - Sukiyaki Chords

Sukiyaki:Kyo Sakimoto.
#1 in USA in 1963. Bumped Lesly
Gore's 'It's My Party,' out of top spot.

(Yeah, I know it's different than what's on the lyrics
 sites. But this is from the first 1963 recording...
 and in my opinion, is still the best translation.)

#1. (Capo up 7th fret for original.)
G            Em            G       Em
I'll hold my head up high..looking to the sky,
G             Bm          Em             Am    D7
so they won't see all the tears that are in my eyes.
G           Am    C         B7
No one will know, I'm going through,
Em C     Bm     Am        G       C Bm Am
my first lonely night without you.
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/m/misc_unsigned_bands/kyo_sakimoto_sukiyaki_crd.html ]
G          Em               G         Em
I know the night will hide, sadness I feel inside,
G           Bm          Em            Am         D7
no one will know of the smile, and my lips won't tell them.
G          Am   C         B7       Em 
I'm losing you, and going through, my first
Bm     Am        G       C G G7
lonely night without you.

   C                        G             G7
As I walk alone, the lonely winds seem to say,
Cm                              G           A       D  D7
from this darkness on, all your nights will be this way.

G           Em        G          Em
So, I'll go on alone, pretending you're not gone.
G         Bm           Em         Am      D7
But I can hide all the moments of love we knew.
G           Am   C       B7       Em C     Bm
Memories of you, as I go through, my first lonely
Am        G       C G 
night without you.



A sixties smash from Kraziekhat.