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Killian - We Might Be Fine Chords

[Verse 1] [Em G A D] [Capo 4]
Lying alone, stuck in my head
My breath seems caught in my chest
I can't find my way out, I need to get out
Being alone has left me no choice
I need to run, to find my own voice
But I fear so much
For the memories of my past
They won't stop haunting me
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The walls are caving in my dear
I've never been able to hold back my fear
There's sadness on my doorstep
And helplessness in my veins
If I could only learn to leave it all behind
We might be fine

[Verse 2]
I'm hopelessly lost in my own life
Can't seem to get this right
I want to run away, anywhere but here
I need out of this place
I'm so sick of my own face
I've got to fight my demons, I've got to face my fears
Please God don't leave me here
Don't let me fail this time