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Keyless Entry - Dynamite Chords


Dynamite			   Keyless Entry    Copyright 2007
Inrto    G   x4    G Dm  Bb F C
Verse 1
C                             G   
In the midst of the night
Bb                                F                 C
Youíll appear in the shadow of light
C                          G
I look into your eyes
        Bb                                   F                   C
You gave me the sight and reasons to smile
C                                      G
Letís cut these strings free
Bb                          F                                   C
Weíll fly like the kites, swaying side to side
Pre chorus   G   x2
G                     Dm   
We all want to learn how to fly
     Bb                                               F             C
So when we get our wings weíll be high in the sky
G                  Dm
If were only powder inside
Bb                                          F     C
We would all explode like dynamite

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         G             Dm         Bb       F        C    G x 2
Like dynamite
Verse 2
C                                       G
I want the same things as you
       Bb                                     F             C
The only difference is, youíre not in my shoes
C                               G 
How can I make you see
Bb                                             F              C
Youíre the only presence that draws me near
C                             G 
If you ever fall on me
Bb                           F   C                 C         Dm  Bb    F    C 
Iíll break your fall tonight Ė itís alright

Instrumental      G     Dm      Bb     F      C   x   2
Verse 3
C                                      G
What do you want from me
   Bb                                      F            C
I gave everything you ever want and need
C                                                G
My visions are there to set you free