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Kelly Chen - Love Paradise Chords


You're always on my mind
 E                     Am  
All day just all the time
You're everything to me
       Em                 G
Brightest star to let me see
You touch me in my dreams
     E              Am
We kiss in every scene
    F                          Fm              G
I pray to be with you through rain and shiny days
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C                    E
I'll love you till I die
         Am            Em
Deep as sea / Wide as sky
     F             G                    Dm            G
The beauty of our love paints rainbows everywhere we go
      C            E
I need you all my life
           Am                Em
You're my hope / You're my pride
          F                G
In your arms I find my heaven
  Em                     Am
In your eyes my sea and sky
F             G          C 
May life our love paradise