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Juice - Microphone Chords

Verse 1.
          D                              G
Well the heat set off by the microphone let me know that i was all alone in 
    D                 A        D                            G 
the basement i had to face it, lookin at half written songs what have my 
                         D                             G
thoughts all become will somebody lend me a hand cause no one knows who I


Solo. (D,G,Bm,A)
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/m/misc_unsigned_bands/juice_microphone_crd.html ]
       D          G           Bm        A        D        G       Bm A  
When I met you at first I was tired and hurt and you were just an idea but I
     D        G              Bm             A         D           G
grew stronger somehow and we both worked it out, that idea turned into a 
Bm A              D         G             Bm          A               D
plan, but then my plan fell apart now i'm back at the start with this song
    G         Bm    A 
for you in my hand

Verse 2. 
D                         G                        D
Listening to Led Zeppelin sittin here in your room burnin' cheap chinese 
                A                                  D                  
inscence theres nothing that I'd rather do, now im sittin in this big ol' 
      G               D                               A
house tired and alone wishin that my sweet baby would come on right back 


Chorus (same as 1st one, chords D,G,Bm,A).

D       G     D             A     D        G            D          G
Hey lil cutie lets go see a movie lets get together and spend some time 
forever (repeat 3 times then end on D)