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Juice - Jazz Club Chords

Intro (bass and guitar with an Am bar chord upstroke)

Verse 1
Am              C               Am               C                  Am
Wait along this side is calling take a break the stop signs falling you 
               C               Em   D C    D    C     B  Am
should know society's stalling have a good time while it lasts
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Chorus x2
Am                       F                      C
You're high society with lots of variety you're walking tall and you're  
lovin it all

Verse 2
Am          C          Am              C            Am             C
Ride a limo to a venue you eat off the highest menu people want to see you 
    Em   D    C   D        C  B   Am 
but they cant see throught tinted glass

Chorus x2

Solo (Am, F, C, G)

Chorus x3