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John-ross - Jenny Chords

Chords - C, Am, G, F

Capo - 3rd fret

1st Verse: 
C          Am
Walking down the street
C       Am
Going Anywhere
      G        F
And I see the love
       C              G
Of my life standing there

2nd Verse:
C               Am
We walked on holding hands
C                  Am
And the moon was shining bright
    G       F
But all I wanted
    C      G 
to say to her

[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/m/misc_unsigned_bands/john_ross_jenny_crd.html ]
  C        F             G
Jenny, I wanna’ be with you
  C        F             G
Jenny, you are so beautiful
  C        F             G        Am
Jenny, I wanna’ be with you oo oo oo
        F            G
All I wanted to say was, 
             C     Am    C    Am    G    F    C     G
that I love you

3rd Verse:

Now we’re together now
As happy as we can be
Let’s hope this love
Last a long time

4th Verse:

Baby, you’re the one I know
The one that makes me glow
But all, I wanted,
To say to her


5th Verse:

I’ll always remember you
And I’m that sure that everyone else will too
Because, u really, are so beautiful


End on C