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Joe Wright - Say Goodbye Tab

Hi I'm Joe Wright a new artist. This song is either electric (clean) or acoustic. Hope 
like it.




   Chorus x4

Am Fmaj7 C G

Verse 2 (whilst playing the Intro/Verse Rift):

Chorus x4


Bm D A E x4
Bm D x3

Chorus x8

To These Lyrics

Verse 1:
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/m/misc_unsigned_bands/joe_wright_say_goodbye_tab.html ]
You used to call me up on Saturdays
I used to come to your house on Friday nights
People used to say we were perfect absolutly perfect
Don't need no-one to screw that mith up
I tried my best to keep it together
I tried my best to help
Nothing you can say can penetreate me
Nothing I can do is right
We did nothing together
I was gonna introduce you to Sigur Ros
Just the last thing I'm gonna say to you
Is just say goodbye

Chorus1 x4:

Just say goodbye

Verse 2:

I don't need I just, I just don't need you no more
I don't need you now
Just leave please just leave me now
I don't want you to know who I am
Can't get, I, I just can't get get it outta my head
Can't you, can't you just, can't you just get lose can't you just leave me
I just want one more thing before you go
And Thats to say goodbye

Chorus1 x4


Just waiting for the deadline
When You and me, you and I, we can get together
I'm just waiting for the deadline
I don't want to say goodbye

You know it
You know we can't
You think you know

Chorus2 x8:

You think we can't
Just say goodbye

The End

There It is hope you liked it.