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Jenn Cristy - Who In The World Chords


C   Gm   Bb   F    (x2)

C    Gm   Bb   F   (x2)     C   Eb   Bb   C           C   Gm   Bb   F

When the kings and queens have fallen
Into the night, who will stand to fight
And when all the heroes go missing
Cause they're tired, of reading through the lies
Where do all the children's fantasies go
When they find out what their reality is
And when our guardian angels disappear
Cause they're scared, who will be there

C   Eb   Bb  C  (x2)         C   Gm   B   F 
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C   Gm   Bb   F  (x2)       C    Eb    Bb   F         C    Gm   Bb   F  C
When you feel the statues stop watching
Cause they don't want to see what we've become
And the birds stop singing a beautiful song
Cause their inspiration is gone, their inspiration is gone
When the colors all fade to grey
At least we'll be the same, maybe we'll look the same
Then we'll forget about what love is
And be consumed in our hate

Eb   Bb   C  
Eb   Bb   C   Bb/D  Eb
Eb   Bb  C   Am   Bb  F  
Who in the world are we waiting for
Someone to help us restore our faith in each other 
Is there someone out there listening to our cries in the night
Someone strong enough to put out this fight

 C    Bb/D   Eb   F  (x2)

C  Bb/D    Eb   F      (x10)
Give your love to someone and never ask it back
Could you be like that, could we live like that
Take a moment to breathe in your lifestyle
Could you breathe like that, could we breathe like that
Give your moment to someone who's never shined
Could you hide like that, could you lie like that 
Give your heart to someone who's been empty inside


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