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Jenn Cristy - Cross My Heart Chords


D  -   Bb   C  (x2)
Dm   A/Db   Am/C  G/B  (x4)

Took a shot, straight to your heart
With my loaded trigger finger
In my mind, I took my time
Made you squirm, made the nightmare linger
Everyone cheered me on
Apparently nobody likes you
Walk away, another day
Until the next time, I'll just have to

D   -  Bb    C (x2)
Cross my heart and hope to die
But not before you do
I can think of reasons why
I should save the world from you
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Dm   A/Db   Am/C   G/B   
Dm   A/Db   Am/C   G/B (x4)
Misunderstood, and overlooked
But everyone seems to know it
You're covers blown, you should've known
Maybe you are just that stupid
Funny how, you see it now
You lost your touch and control
Long ago, but you never know
When someone like me will take hold


Bb  -  D  -  (x3)
Mama didn't know but everyone said
That you are just a dirty little thing
I know you sit at home thinking
Tug of war is a one handed kind of game
Imagining all the twisted 
Little things in your mind they come alive
Bb   C 
You have helped me
Create my own little monster inside

Dm   A/Db
I held you high
I helped you climb
Should have pushed when I had the chance
Your pedestal was a little low
For a man of your lack of substance