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Jenn Cristy - Crawl Chords

F   C    D    Bb  (x3)

F   Am   Eb    Bb    (x2)
It's good to be a memory
As long as you smile when it comes back
And it makes you miss the little things
All the places we've been at
I never really thought about it
Its a kindness that you've shown me
For you to help me make a beautiful thing
Cutting through the hate and jealousy

F   C   Dm   Bb   (x2)
But it's cold in here
I'm getting desperate for some confirmation
That I'm not the only one making the next move
Not the only one left with something to prove
It's getting cold in here
And her hand can't possibly warm your cold heart
I know you're strengths I know you walls
She can make you walk I can make you crawl
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F   Am  Eb   Bb   (x2)
The lines on my face, start where my smile breaks
And it's all thanks to you
Cause you made me laugh when I didn't want to
And the tears falling from my eyes, are my best disguise
To keep me from saying what I want to 
But it's the way I really feel about you


Dm   Bb   F   C   (x2)
I can't bare to let you in again
Its only gonna lead us back to the start
And the lessons I've learn from you 
Is that it's easy to play games with ones heart

Dm  Bb    Dm  Bb
It will just be broken again
But it may be worth it again
Can't make up your mind again
Gonna fall right back in love again

F      C    Dm   Bb