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January Se7enth - I Cant Go On Chords & Tabs

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January Se7enth - I Cant Go On Chords

This song is pretty easy
Listen to the song at http://www.purevolume.com/januaryse7enth

Am G F C

Am                 G          F               C
Sitting here, all alone in my bedroom missing you
And I'm wondering where you are right now
Well I'm cryin' tryin' to sleep
'cause everytime I close my eyes there you'll be
Starrin' right back at me
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I can't go on, no I can't go on
No I, I can't go on, I won't go on
Without you're love

Drivin' all alone on this lonely one way street
And I'm Wonderin' do you still dream of me
Well I'm tryin' tryin' to forget you
like you've obviously forgot me
But here I am writting this song for you


Bridge (Just downstrokes)
Do you think of me like I think lf you
Do you miss me like I miss you
All you have to do is call my name and I'll be there


Chorus (Play the chord once)