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Infinities End - Meant To Be Tab

			     Meant To Be - Infinities End
Tabbed by: The Hung
Email: hung0702@gmail.com

This band's melodies are pretty nice, but I couldn't find any tabs on them, and
I suck at tabbing, so though this isn't a very good tab, I hope others will add
on to this band.

The Band: Sounds reminiscent of Blink 182 melodies and vocals not far from Alkaline
Trio, the band consist of Rob on vocals and guitar, Mark on guitar and vocals, and
a different Rob on drums.

Tuning: Standard
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/m/misc_unsigned_bands/infinities_end_meant_to_be_tab.html ]
E|--------------------|T| | |----------4------------|

On the first segment (D to the F# back to D Power Chords), play two extra times in the
very beginning before the drums start to kick in. You might not hear it on some versions
of the song, you crazy music pirates.

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