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Hannah De Leon - Unperfectly Chords

enjoy =)


Chords : Dsus- A- G- D ( whole song except pre-chorus, nuts?! LOL )

I heard car engine, front of our house
Seeing you walking to our doorsteps
You knock 3x before you smile
Said " you love me & you'll not break my heart


I said yes, you were the first guy I met
So perfectly for a girl like me

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We spend each time everyday
Having a date every night
Watching movies & hold my hands tight
You're the guy so perfectly I love

You say you'll never break my heart
In my story, its the beautiful part
( chorus )

You're the hottest guy in town
Every girl here shouts every time you're near
If she is the right for you Then I'll set you free

You're the first guy I ever met
But seems you're unperfectly