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Grover Anderson - Moonshine Chords

Capo 2

Intro:  Fmaj7  C  x2


Color me with moonshine
                  Am                                 G   F  Em  Dm
Making my eyes blind, Too blind to see
      Fmaj7                     C
That I find, even in the daytime
                      Amin6                      G
You and your moonshine shine on me

Verse:  Fmaj7  C  x4
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/m/misc_unsigned_bands/grover_anderson_moonshine_crd.html ]
You’re turning me into a night owl, I don’t know how
You overtook my consciousness and understood my loneliness
It’s misapprehension, often seen as condescension
But believe me when I say, I’m a fan of the direction
You’ve been taking your decisions, sparing me deserved derision,
Rebranded all my faults as “personality omissions”
You’ve eclipsed my inhibitions, pulled me out of darkly drifting
Never need to find another, cause I found someone to color me with Moonshine…

To me it’s enervating, what we’ve recreated
An acrylic piece over shadows painted
Watch the memories of gallows hanging
I can’t seem to fathom a day without your passion
Webbed in the dark, I feel it unraveling
I surf your bluesy waves and my soul goes traveling
I found a well of fishes that have granted me these wishes
In the darkest night you heal me with your Moonshine…

It’s almost painful how elegant you look smiling
I’m filing it away into the back of my mind
Your stylings are outdated but you’ve somehow recreated
A spark inside a part of me that’s long ago sedated
Take me back to seventeen, back to before
Your soul has lived a lifetime through peace and the war
Through perigees and blues you’ve held temerity and truth
I’m alone in the dark but I’m always with you, you’re my Moonshine…

Repeat Chorus 3x, end on Fmaj7