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Glued Soul - Isa Bell Tab

isa bell by glued soul

intro : GGGGG
G                       C
Sitting at the lake of tears
G             C
free for one moment
G               C
nothing is for free
G                        E
lonely in the future, forgotten the past

D                   A
Going back seems impossible
D                      A
Hitten by the trusted knife
D                     A
sent to the house of madness
D                       C
left there alone with sadness
D                A
given up all she got
Am                Em
even her trust in god

G             C
thoughts and visions
of a better life
without any reasons
without any knife
sitting at the beach of sorrow
looking for a soul to borrow
water as a shelter for her
G                     E
with flames calling every year

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G                   C
shadows calling her name
every night its the same
hiding behind the door
wincing at every roar
tortures of everydays life
suffering once as a wife
taking drugs to forget
G                     E
often confined to the shapes


G                 C
all the pain and agony
staying with her and irony
loathing her with a laugh
no one there to love
soon you will find
what you were looking for
you have to open the door
G                        E
rise again from the coldest floor


D                     A
going back could be possible
D                    A
never hit'n by the knife
D                     A
leaving the house of madness
D               C
no more agony sadness
D               A
bright is your smile
D                 A
but dark is your past
D                A
still a glow of hope
Am              Em
in your broken heart
(in your broken heart)

Have fun!