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Flux Capacitor - Oo Stained Gootch Chords

Song Title: Poo Stained Gootch
written by: Rob Schafer
Performed by: Flux Capacitor

 E                        C
Backed into a corner with no one there

 D                        E
Cold rain is pouring from a cloud of dispair

 E                        C
A break in the storm only leaves room to see

 D                        E
The darkness all around that wont stop haunting me



That's why I sleep with the light on

Travel alone
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Down the narrow path headed back home

 D         C
I see it I feel it

Now I'm singing a sad song

Try to remain strong

Til I reach the place where I belong
  D                C           G
I make it back but everybody's gone

 G          C
Everybody's gone(2x)

              F      C      G      F#
Everybody's gone

solo: E     C     D      G,F#,E (4x)

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