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Flux Capacitor - Back In The Butt Chords

Song title: Back in the Butt
written by: RP Schafer
performed by: Flux Capacitor

Intro: Am  D(3x) G-Em-Am

 Am             D
Three years in just one day

 Am           D
The past has gone away

 Am              D
There's nothing left to say

 G         Em      Am
I have to start today

 Am            D
The nights go creeping buy

 Am              D
My whole life's been a lie

 Am             D
I've tried to rectify 

 G           Em
I tried so hard.........


 Am              D
Can't count the wasted years

 Am              D
Can't count the wasted tears

 Am           D
Then all the shit appears

 G     Em        Am
I just wont see it

 Am           D
I'm teillin myself lies
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 Am         D
No one to hear the cries

 Am             D
I've become a sacrifice

 G          Em
I can't believe it.... woa...


 Am         D           Am            D
I've been getting this feeling and I don't know why 

 Am     D      Am                   D
i can't understand it but I have to try....

     G          Em           Am      D   D    D
And jump right back in the fire

     G          Em      Em
And give right in to desire

 F    G       Am
It's not too late(oh it's not too late)

 F    G       Am
To change your fate....(change your fate)

 F   G      Am
My mind creates

 Em                                               Am  D(5x)
A world where the pain is left outside the gate

Lead guitar solo (D, Am)

Repeat chorus