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Fireballs - Bottle Of Wine Chords

Bottle of Wine:Fireballs
Written by Tom Paxton.
Top of charts '63.


Bottle of wine, fruit of the vine,

                          A   D
When you gonna let me get so..ber?

Leave me alone, lemme go home,

                         A  D
Let me go back and start o..ver.

  D           G          A         D
1.Ramblin' a..round this dirty old town,

D           A           D
Singin' for nickels and dimes,

D             A        G         D
Times gettin' rough, I ain't got enough,

D               A         D
To get a little bottle of wine.

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  D          A     G          D
2.Pain in my head, bugs in my bed,

D            A             D
Pants are so old that they shine,

D          A             G        D
Out on the street I tell people I meet,

D      A           D
Buy me a bottle of wine.


  D             A       G            D
3.Preacher will preach, teacher will teach,

D          A          D
Miner will dig in the mine,

D          A     G           D
I ride the rods, trustin' in God,

D          A         D
Huggin' my bottle of wine.


A sixties smash from Kraziekhat!