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Ernville - 1225 Chords

Title      :	1225
Artist     :	Ernville
Album      :	Sakto Sa Pasko

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Intro: E-C#m-B 2x

    E-C#m-B                      E-C#m-B
I guess, We've been doing this wrong

          E-C#m-B                  E-C#m-B     
Misfiring sparks, Spin out of control

(Do CP; E-C#m-B)
We sleep admist the streetligts that glow
While the homless sleep admist the sins of the world


A        B        E                C#m  
Maybe tonight we can heal all the broken

 A        B           E              C#m
Maybe this time we can give what we offred

A        B  E   C#m
Maybe tonight, 1225
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 A    B
Maybe tonight

Interlude: E-C#m-B 4x

          E              C#m
We got a four a foot little Hitler

Riding sleigh bells with here Benz

       E              C#m      B               
While children on the street Sing carols as they beg

 E                C#m
Drinking till the sun goes down

          B                  E                       C#m
Not knowing where to crash, while children on these crowded streets

Trade our bottles for their cash

E-C#m-B                   E-C#m-B  
Yes to the sins of the world

 <>=---Repeat Chorus--=<>


 A      B
May be tonight

 A      B
May be tonight

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