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Eric Owyoung - 5 Chords & Tabs

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Eric Owyoung - 5 Chords

by Eric Owyoung

capo 1st fret

Intro: CDCDCDEm   

C         D                C
Hear your words, hear your voice
          D                                 C
Like the sound of rushing waters through my soul
      D                     Em
In the company of mystery
C   D         C
I am lost, I am found
      D                              C
In the whirlwind of my mind to comprehend
All the vastness of your beauty, Lord so
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G          D/F#   G/B        C               G
Please, tell me,      in this holy fear that You are near me
   D/F#          Em                C       G
In silence I will know that You will hear me Lord

C       D          C
Here I fall, at your feet
         D                            C
And my heart will lift its cries to be relieved
       D                                  Em
Of the things that keep me from You Lord
C       D              C
My soul knows that one day
           D                               C
When this body and this mind have perished then
I will join in Heaven’s songs until then…

CCLI #61103