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Dirty River Boys - So Long Elaine Chords

Dirty River Boys- Long Cold Fall EP
"So Long Elaine" (http://www.dirtyriverboys.com) Standard tuning (Eadgbe) Capo on second fret
This is the bare bones. There are some walking bass note riffs but just listen to 
the song for that and for strum patterns. Enjoy!
(Intro) C, Am(\B), F, G
(Verse 1) Withered and frayed
Falling leaves they float away
             Fmaj7\C                       G    
Follow you, through the season
                  C                Am
Fragile in faith, stood together and alone
           Fmaj7\C  G
Following a cold December
(Chorus) Nothing has changed 
Since the day you went away
                      F                        G
And left your footprint on my doorstep, babe
Nothing has changed
'Cept the wind and the rain
That blow the tears you cried
Against my window pane
So long Elaine

(Verse 2) So pick up your wings
And fly high just like I know you’ve want to
Through the seasons
This "Y" in the road
If it leads me to your door
I'll follow you
I have my reasons (chorus x 2)

(Outro) I wish you well
Here's to you Elaine
So long Elaine
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