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Connie Francis - Everybodys Somebodys Fool Chords

Everybody's Somebody's Fool:
Connie Francis.

   D                     D7                G
1. The tears I cried for you could fill an ocean,

       A                  A7           D
   but you don’t care how many tears I cry.

   D   D7                             G
   And though you only lead me on and hurt me,

     D              A7            D
   I couldn’t bring myself to say goodbye.


   D                 D7         G
  ‘Cause everybody’s somebody’s fool,

  A           A7         D
  everybody’s somebody’s plaything.

  D                D7                G
  And there are no exceptions to the rule,

  G    D           A7         D
  yes, everybody’s somebody’s fool.

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  D                  D7                 G
2.I told myself it’s best that I forget you,

  G      A              A7               D
  though I’m a fool, at least I know the score.

  D                    D7            G                              
  Yes, darling, I’d be twice as blue without you,

  G  D                 A                D       
  it hurts, but I come running back for more.


  D                    D7                G
3.Some day you’ll find someone to really care for,

  G   A                              D
  and if her love should prove to be untrue,

  D                       D7              G     
  You'll know how much my heart is really breaking,

  G      D               A               D
  You'll cry for her the way I cried for you.


A fifties favourite from Kraziekhat.