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Coke Flavored Cake - Trippingz Chords

Composed by: Sean Dangilan (vocalist)
Chords by: Sean Dangilan
e-mail: seandraker@yahoo.co.uk

This is probably my best composition
kasi mahilig ako mang-trip eh... ",

ROCK ON!!!!  \m/

Intro: G-D-Em-C

     G    D     Em      C
 Bakit kaya walang magawa
     G     D     Em      C
 Di ba dapat tayo'y nag-gigitara
     G     D     Em       C
 Bakit naman ganito ang buhay
      G       D     Em-C
 Sobrang nakaka-inip

Chorus: (Alam ko na...)
        G       D                  Em
         Mang-trippings na lang tayo
        C               G       D            Em
         (Alam ko na...) kumanta na lang tayo 
        at mang-inis ng tao

         (Intro chords)
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/m/misc_unsigned_bands/coke_flavored_cake_trippingz_crd.html ]
        G  D     Em       C
 Ang saya ng walang magawa
        G D         Em      C
 Naiinis ang mga tao sa atin
      G    D    Em          C
 Sorry, pero trippings lang namin
    G      D      Em-C
 Kung walang magawa

         (repeat chorus)

           Em     C   Em       C
Bridge: Bakit ka ba naiinis sa amin
           Em   C      Em    C
        Hindi ko maintindihan
           Em       C    A
        Trippings lang naman...

         (repeat chorus)
        [vocalist: trippings lang po]
        [back-up vocalists: (soft and short laughs)]
         (repeat chorus)
        [Vocalist to the higher LEVEL (from MELLOW to SCREAMO)]


Thank you very much and please add me
in your friendster:  seandraker@yahoo.co.uk

More power to our band, "COKE FLAVORED CAKE!!!"