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Buffy Saint-marie - The Circle Game Chords

The Circle Game:Buffy Saint Marie.
On the charts in 1970.
(Written by Joni Mitchell.)
One of Mitchell's very best.

C           F                 C
Yesterday a child came out to wonder,
               F            G7  G7sus
Caught a dragonfly inside a jar.
C                F       C       Em
Fearful when the sky was full of thunder,
    F              C       G6   C    F C
And tearful at the falling of a star.

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                              G7sus C
and the seasons they go round and   round,
                             G7sus C
and the painted ponies go up and   down.
F                                C
we're captive on the carousel of time.
F                                Em
We can't return we can only look behind from
         F            C
where we came, and go round and round and
C6           Dm9    C
round in the circle game.


Then the child moved ten times round the seasons,

Skated over ten clear frozen streams.

Words like, when you're older, must appease him,

And promises of someday make his dreams.



Sixteen springs and sixteen summers gone now,

Cartwheels turn to car wheels thru the town.

And they tell him,

Take your time, it won't be long now,

Till you drag your feet to slow the circles down.



So the years spin by and now the boy is twenty,

Though his dreams have lost some grandeur coming true.

There'll be new dreams, maybe better dreams and plenty,

Before the last revolving year is through.


A seventies hit from Kraziekhat.