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Big And Rich - Deadwood Mountain Chords & Tabs

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Big And Rich - Deadwood Mountain Chords

P=pull off

intro:       Em   C G
G------------0----0-0     X2

Verse 1
G                       Em
ive been a rambler  all my life
Em                C        D              G
been a bet it all gambler  yeah i let all ride
G                                                      Em
never been afraid of losin'  there's been times when i lost it all
Em                 C        D               G
but it wont really matter   someday when im gone
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      Em                      G
u can bury me     on deadwood mountain
              Em              C               D
by my brother wild bill   and sister calimity jane
                 Em                           G
dont bring me no flowers     just my six guns smokin
               Em   D                Em
bury me 8 feet doowwwn when you bury me 
                  Em    D             Em
oh bury me 8 feet doowwwn when u bury me

INTRO:play twice

VERSE 2: played just like first verse

when yer heart runs deeper   than a ghost town gold mine
you just know yer bound to find   that mother load
u spend yer last heart beat    chasin after rainbows
no theres no place you wont go to win one last shot

solo:havent worked it out yet

the rest of the song is just repeating the intro or the chorus