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Bethan Mary Leadley - Sorrow Of The Dead Chords


Verse 1:
Dm                 A                
Deep in forest the police found her body, 
C                       G                                
Cuts on her arms wanted by nobody,
Dm                  A                          
No people gather to renemise her sins,
She was once a fair haired maiden,
Now with pasty white skin.

Verse 2:
Her name was honesty, but she wasn't honest.
Called herself Hollie, called her that we promised.
She was so positive, dreamed of better tomorrow.
But the gangs and thugs she was with weren't the ones to be followed.

        Dm    A           G        
She's a ghost now, just a ghost. x2
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Verse 3:
She wanted to be a dancer and her ribs began to show.
She regretted eating birthday cake six months ago.
Desperation unknown but you could see sorrow in her eyes.
As the booze was drained down her neck and her life was full of lies.


Verse 4:
She screamed at her reflection, Threw her brush at the mirror.
Put a cigarette to her mouth to see if she could see things any clearer.
Pulling out her own hair she remembered the tablets in the draw.
The doctor told her one a day, she couldn't take it anymore.


Verse 5:
Deep in the forest the press find their story,
A talented ballet dancer didn't find her glory.
Rushed to be question asking what I knew, 
As the tears streamed down my face, 
And what I said was true.

Chorus 2:
               Dm  G                G      
She was just a girl, She was just a girl.
               Dm  G          Dm   
She was just a girl, A scared girl.