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Angelus - Falling For You Tab

this is an original song composed by mikey bunda, lead male vocalist of angelus...
this song is deicated to the girl he fastly and suddenly he's falling for..
its a nice song!!
hope you enjoy it!!

pluck the intro
strum the verses pre-chorus and chorus
[--2---2 -----2---2----|-2---2---2---2----]


    A        E   (3x not that on th third time just do the A part do not include the E 
then c#m         bm (2x)

1st verse

I cant help myself
I dont know why
i guess its faith
its getting stronger everyday

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    A                 c#m
i'm falling without a reason
E                   bm  A
falling and i cant stop it
bm                c#m
suddenly i care for you
bm                          A E
oh and now i'm starting to love you

verse 2

why is it like this
its like i have no choice
i'll follow my heart
and give in to this love

c#m                   bm
it's starting to make sense
c#m               bm
you're the one for me
 A                 E
and i'll follow my heart
c#m                         A
the heart thats fallin for you

[-0-0-0-0----then c#m-Bm(2x)--]
              d             n       n   eeeeeee
[--0--]       d     o o     n n     n   e
[--0--]       d   o     o   n   n   n   e
[--2--]     d d   o     o   n    n  n   eeeeeee
[--2--]    d  d   o     o   n     n n   e
[-----]    d  d   o     o   n      nn   e
[-----]     d d     o o     n       n   eeeeeee

hope you all enjoyed the song!!

mikey bunda- 4:01am
_ _ _ _ _ this song is for you