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Acoustic Conrad - The Cycle Chords

Song is simple, but its full of a lot of soul.  Hear the full version at www.myspace.com.acousticconrad

G                          E  
The man you know is Just a fake,
G                              E
The real me has never shown my face
G                        E
I keep so much locked inside
G                              E
I cant seem to find a place to hide
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G        E       
Im broken But I can fix this
Bm                      C
rebuilding nothing just to do it all again
G                 E 
Ill hise my face  Remember her taste
Bm                            C                   
Remember what it was like to just exist

G                              E
I need a break from this whole scene
G                                         E
So take your pictures that take a part of me
G                     E
Who knows when Ill return
G                                 E
So many things that, Ive left to learn