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	We Shall Overcome
	Transcribed by Soenen Martijn (martijnsoenen@hotmail.com) 18:49 29/11/2001

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	    C    F   C     C        F   C
	We shall overcome. We shall overcome
	    C    F G Am       D     G    
	We shall overcome someday
	F              C     G      Am
	Oh, deep in my heart I do believe, 
	C             F   C    G       C
	That we shall overcome someday 

	2. |Black and white to|gether ... 

	3. |We'll walk hand in |hand ... 

	4. |We shall live in |peace ... 

	5. |We shall all be |free ... 

	6. |We are not a|fraid ... to|day ... 

	7. |We shall over|come ...