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Date: Sun, 30 Nov 1997 20:40:44 +0000
From: Chris Hutson 
Subject: CRD: The Coast of Peru by Traditional

        Here's an old sea shanty which I learned off of a tape entitled
"Steady as she Goes." It's a song about harpooning a whale, but I don't
condone that sort of thing, so please don't flame me. Enjoy.

THE COAST OF PERU  (traditional)

         Dm 			F
Come all ye young fellows that's bound after sperm
				Dm             C
Come all ye young fellows that's rounded the horn
       F					    C
Our captain has told us and I hope it'll prove true
	F			      C	      F
There's plenty of sperm whale on the coast of Peru
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We have weathered the horn and are now on Peru
We are all of one mind and endeavour to do
Our boats are all rigged and our mastheads all manned
Our rigging roped tight and our signals all planned

The next morning at daybreak at about five o' clock
the man at the masthead cried, "yonder she spouts!"
"Where away does she lay?" and the answer from aloft:
"Two points on our lead bow and about three miles off."

Now it's call up all hands and it's be of good cheer
Put your tubs in your boats, boys, keep your bow lines all clear
Now bend to your oars and make your boat fly
But one thing we dread of, keep clear of his eye

Now the first mate he struck him and the whale he did sound
And the captain pulled up and he tried to bend on
But the whale began to vomit and the blood for to spout
And in less than ten minutes, we had him thin out

Well, we towed him alongside and with many a shout
We soon cut him in and began to try out
Now the whale is all tried, and likewise stowed down
He's better to us, boys, than five hundred pounds

Here's a health to all whalermen, boys, drink it down do
Likewise to the Bengal and all our ship's crew
All you who want money, I would have you for to go
On the coast of Peru where the whale-fish do blow
Chris Hutson 
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