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Satisfied Mind Chords

(G) How many (D) times have you (C) heard someone (G) say:
"If I had his (D) money, I would (C) do things my (G) way."
But little they (C) know, that it's so hard to (G) find,
One rich man in (D) ten with a (C) satisfied (G) mind.

Once I was (D) living in (C) fortune and (G) fame,
I had all that I (D) needed to get a (C) start in life's (G) game.
Then suddeny it (C) happened, I lost every (G) dime,
But I'm richer by (D) far, with a (C) satisfied (G) mind.
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'Cause money can't (D) buy back your (C) youth when you're (G) old,
Or a (D) friend when you're lonely, (C) or a love taht's grown (G) cold.
The wealthiest (C) person is a pauper at (G) times.
Compared to the (D) man with a (C) satisfied (G) mind. 

When my life has (D) ended and my (C) time has run (G) out,
My friends and my (D) loved ones will (C) weep there's no (G) doubt.
But one things for (C) certain, when it comes my (G) time,
I'll leave this (D) old world with a (C) satisfied (G) mind.

Yes, I'll leave this (D) old world with a (C) satisfied (G) mind.