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Provo Birdie Chords

PROVO BIRDIE (misc. Irish=) 
On the [G] last day of October in the [C] year of 73
In [D] Mountjoy jail three rebels were [G] longing to be free
And from the skies surprise, surprise, an [C] iron bird did fall
An [D] lifted up the Provos high [C] over the Dublin [G] wall
And it's up and up and higher the helicopter flew
High over the Dublin spires and over the Liffey too
The length and breadth of Ireland, no finer sight to see
The day the Provo birdie released the Mountjoy three.
The screws were all astounded they knew not what to do
They just stood there dumbfounded as off our rebels flew
And in the jaol the traitors were shocked and quite aghast
As they looked up and noticed the Provos flying past.
O'Hagan, Twomey, Malan, God bless those gallant three
And Britain she is furious as off our rebels flee
But everywhere in Ireland wherever the news is heard
The people cheer the Provos and their marvellous flying bird.

hope you like it.
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