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Old Time Religion Chords

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Chord-tabbed by Dadfad (John M) Dadfad@dadfad.com or duolian@msn.com, 12/10/02,
Using Microsoft Windows Notepad, Courier New Regular, 10 Font 


(adapted by Maybelle Carter, Woody Guthrie, and 
just about every gospel or gospel-folk singer)

(In The Key of G)

Gimme that (G) old time religion
Gimme that (D) old time re(G)ligion
Gimme that old time (C)religion
It’s (G) good e(C)nough (D) for (G) me.

It was good for the Hebrew children (x3)
And it’s good enough for me. 

It was good enough for Peter (x3)
It's good enough for me.

It was good enough for Momma (x3)
It's good enough for me.
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It will do when the world's on fire (x3)
And it’s good enough for me.

(I've heard this song sang in old country church revivals where the verses 
were almost unending, passing from person to person, each singer having 
a new verse of someone who it "was good enough for", like Daddy, Matthew, 
little children, Jonah, Woodie, Maybelle, David, Moses, etc, etc, or other 
verses that are appropriate and fit within the one repeated line, which is 
probably why it became such a well-known traditional spiritual).

When passing through the chords, you can just make just partial chord 
changes. For example, from G to C:
320033 to X32033, just moving your two fingers one string over. 
Similarly from C to D: 
X32033 to X00233. 
Also, many melody notes can be found on the treble strings within 
the chords, or with simple changes made to them, if played in 
more of a finger-style. Hammering onto strings five and/or four 
during and when changing chords adds a bit as well. It's a good tune 
to experiment with because it's very simple cord progression gives 
you room to try things out. I've heard and seen it done in many keys, 
including Open-D in both finger-style and slide. Anyway, have fun with 
the tune (it's good enough for me!).