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Scrubs - Guy Love Chords

This may not be 100% but its the best I or anyoen else seems to have been able to do!

Samuel (zushoo)

      C                    F      G
Letís face the facts about me and you,

  Am          D7
A love unspecified.

           Bb                          C
Though Iím proud to call you ďChocolate BearĒ,

    F                             G
The crowd will always talk and stare.

  C                  F         G
I feel exactly those feelings, too,

    E                     Am
And thatís why I keep them inside.

 C          F                   C
ĎCause this bear canít bear the worldís disdain

    Bb                       G
And sometimes itís easier to hide,

Than explain our

Guy love,

Thatís all it is,

Guy love,

Heís mine, Iím his,

        F             Fm            C        F Em
Thereís nothing gay about it in our eyes.

    Am               	E7
You ask me Ďbout this thing we share

       Am           A7
And he tenderly replies:

Itís guy love,

 C    G      C
Between two guys.

      Ab                      Bb
Weíre closer than the average man and wife.
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       Ab                              Bb
Thatís why our matching bracelets say ďTurk and JDĒ.

              C                     D7
You know Iíll stick by you for the rest of my life.

           G                           G7
Youíre the only man whoís ever been inside of meee!

--Whoa, whoa, I just took out his appendix!--

           C             F
Thereís no need to clarify.

Oh no?

            Am                      C
Just let it grow more and more each day.

     F                C
Itís like I married my best friend.

         Bb            G
But in a totally manly way.

Letís go!

Itís guy love,

Donít compromise,

    Am               C
The feelings of some other guy,

F               Fm              C      F Em
Holding up your heart in to the sky.

        Am                          E7
Iíll be there to care through all the lows

        Am                  A7
Iíll be there to share the highs.

Itís guy love,

  C  G      C           Em
Between two guys.

    Am            E7
And when I say, ďI love you, TurkĒ,

     Am               A7
Itís not what it implies.

Itís guy love,



C      F    G    C