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Happy Days Theme Chords

Verse I.

   C               Am
   Sunday, Monday, Happy Days,

   Dm                  G
   Tuesday, Wednesday, Happy Days,

   E                 Am
   Thursday, Friday, Happy Days.

   F    G    F      G
   Saturday, what a day,

   F                      G
   Groovin' all week with you...


  C               Am
   These days are ours,
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   F         G
   Happy and free. (Oh Happy Days)

  C               Am
   These days are ours,

   F               G
   Share them with me. (Oh Happy Days)

Verse II.

   C                 C
   Goodbye grey sky, hello blue,

   F                                F            
   'cause nothin' can hold me, when I hold you.

   D                  D
   Feels so right, it can't be wrong,

   G                   G
   Rockin' and rollin' all week long.