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Fraggle Rock - Dixie Wailin Chords

This is that amazing dixie funeral dirge from the popular childrens show Fraggle rock. I 
couldn't find the chords for the song anywhere so I took a stab at it and I think it's alright.

When my time to go is here,
Call my friends to gather near.
         Dm                                A
Tell the doctor and the preacher that I'm failing.

But forget about your black,
'Cause I'm planning to come back.
          Bb                            Dm
Play some honky-tonkin' grief and Dixie wailing.

[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/m/misc_television/fraggle_rock_dixie_wailin_crd.html ]
Pick me up and lay me down,
And spread the news all over town,
    A                                  Dm
And tell 'em all to come or they'll be sorry.
Pick me up and shake me twice.
I'm coming back from paradise.
A                                Dm
This poor boy is here to live in glory.

When it's time to say good-bye,
All my friends will sit and cry,
And they'll watch the coffin rockin' round and squirmin'.

Then they'll raise a mighty shout,
When my bones come marching out.
And I praise myself and preach the final sermon.


When the Earth begins to quake,
From the shaking at my wake,
I'll be here and making music like a light wine [could be life line].

'Till the honky-tonkin' grief,
Gives the Angels sweet relief,
'Cause they know that Dixie wail is still surviving.