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Whistle While You Work Tab

Tab Song: Whistle While You Work
Movie: Snow White
Tabbed By: Some one VERY Bored!!

This tune can be played on the 2nd string or 3rd string.
Which every is good for you. I play it on the 3rd.

Standard Tuning

G-|--12--10--9--10--12| (whistle whistle whistle)

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G-|--12-12-12---9--10--12| (whistle whistle whistle)

G-|--12--10--9--7--|    X2   (Don't know these words)

G-|--12--10--9--7--5--|        (The End)

Well just play this over and over until you think the song 
is done. And there you go! Now go impress your friends!