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Song: ?, From the Pulp Fiction movie, the opening songArtists: ? once again, don't know but sorryFrom: conart_cry@yahoo.comLong slide from 13th fret on the low E string thenA----------------E--1 //--------- For about two bars then as you are tremelo picking through outA--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------E ---1//-----(slide)5//--6//8//9//---12/(quickly)9\-8-----\long slide back down to F while trem pickingE---1//-------------5/6/8/9/12\9\8---------------(x2)E-------9\8\6\5/6\5----9\8\6\5\6/9\8\5Now the fun part with the high E at the bottom,  I know I have a crappy way of explaining it, but plug in the guitar and try to find out what I'am explaining!!!I will try some rare songs in the future!
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