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No Easy Way Out Tab

Written and performed by Robert Tepper
Transcribed by Ryan Robles (ryanjrobles@aol.co.uk)

Some of you will know his TUNE from the ROCKY IV soundtrack. Look for the scene 
where an angry and troubled Rocky Balboa takes a spin in his Lambourghini soon 
after seeing Apollo's brains hit the floor of the ring. The track gives great 
ambiance as Rocky speeds along, whilst getting flashbacks of various bits of 
the movie..... including his present opponent, Ivan Drago.

I havent seen this transcribed anywhere on the net and I know some people who 
really want this tab. Email me as above with any comments, additions or requests.

The track is based in Em and begins with a cracking bass-line which you can 
play along to:

   (----PHRASE 1-----)  (---------PHRASE 2----------)

This repeats one and then drums start crashing and the guitars and keyboards 
come in. Much of the rhythm work is done via synths and drum machines. But the 
following chords will enable you to blend in with the verses.


	Em	         		  D
   	We're not indestructable,  baby better get that straight
	C                        B power chord
   	I think its unbelievable,  how you give into the hand of fate
	Em					     D
   	Somethings are worth fighting for,  some feelings never die
	C					    B power chord          
   	I'm not asking for another chance,  I just wanna know why...


 D Em		     C    Em  D
 	There's no easy way out
 Bm Em	     C     Em  D
	There's no short cut home
 D Em		     C    Em  D
 	There's no easy way out
 Bm Em        C           D
 	Giving in can't be wrong 

[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/m/misc_soundtrack/no_easy_way_out_tab.html ]
I don't want to pacify you
I don't want to drag you down
But I'm feeling like a prisoner
Like a stranger in no-name town
I see all the angry faces
Afraid that could be you and me
Talking about what might have been
Thinking about what used to be

There's no easy way out
There's no shortcut home
There's no easy way out
Giving in can't be wrong


Baby, Baby, we could shed this skin
We could show how we feel inside
Instead of going down an endless road
Not knowing if we're dead or alive
Some things are worth fighting for
Some feelings never die
I'm not asking for another chance
I just want to why

A solo comes between chorus 2 and verse 3 (2:14 sec). The chords for the solo 
section are as the verse. Below I have tabbed the solo, which is a basic 
structure set over G major and E minor scales. Listen to the track for accurate 
attention to the slides and bends. Youve got to be a little careful with the 
intonation of your bends and add vibrato (fingers or trem)

You'll need a good american distortion for this one. There is evidence of a 
phasor or flanger used as well. I like to use my bridge single coil for the 
first part of the solo, then change to my humbucker for the bends and finale.

    (----------PHRASE 1----------) (---PHRASE 2---) (---------------PHRASE 3--------------)
                              BU      BU  PO         RAKE  		repeat bends      LD
E -------------------------------------------- 14-------12--15(17)(17)(17)(17)(17)-(17)15----|
B ----------------------------------------------------12-------------------------------------|
G ------------------5/7-4-3--/7(9)--14(16)12--------12---------------------------------------|
D ------4-5-7-5-4----------------------------------------------------------------------------|
A ---7------------------------------------------------------------------------------------14-|
E -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|

    (---Phrase 4---)(-------PHRASE 5-------)
      RAKE   slide       BU  LD PO
E -------12-------------17(19)17-15--17------|
B -----12----15/17---15----------------------|
G ---12--------------------------------------|
D -------------------------------------------|
A -------------------------------------------|
E -------------------------------------------|

* 7(9) means bend at the 7th fret to the note of the 9th fret.

BU 	= Bend up
LD 	= Let Down
PO 	= Pull Off
Rake 	= Stroke notes with pick as an arpeggio

There is some improvisation at the end of the track but only to fill out the last 

Good Luck Chums