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Author/Artist: Gary Oldfield
Title: Theme from the exorcist
Album: Tubular bells
Transcribed by: Matt B
Email: Matt_bch@hotmail.com
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This is the main theme for the track from tubular bells (which I cant remember
original name for I'm afraid) that was used for the exorcist. It is played up at
this position on the fretboard to give it a more spooky effect. I suggest you
try practising it without including the second A-string  note and add it later as
the jump in finger positioning is a little tricky I think. Play with fingerstyle
 if possible as that will give a better spooky-er soft effect. 
Standard tuning (EADGBE). 
Great for scaring people if you sit in a dark corner of a room and wait for 
someone to walk in before you start playing it. Laughing manicaly will 
also help, 
but it isnt strictly nesecerry.